Frequently Asked Questions


Is this camp only for campers with hearing loss?

Absolutely NOT! While the main focus is to provide a listener friendly camp environment, for this specific community, ALL children are welcome especially siblings and friends.

Will there be assistive technology available?

Yes, we will have an FM transmitter available for each group and we will sync each camper to one transmitter, at the request of the parent.

What food will be included during the camp day?

Each day your child will enjoy a morning snack and an afternoon Fun With Foods activity (which we know they will gobble up!). We ask that all children come with a packed lunch.

What if my child has specific allergies?

First, please make sure to include this information when you fill out the camper enrollment form. We are a nut cautious camp and will not be serving any food that contains any nuts. We will also tailor our Fun with Foods activity to eliminate anything your child is allergic to. There will be staff members on site that are Epi-Pen trained as well.

How many weeks should I enroll my child for?

The core activities will change from week to week and we can assure you that no two weeks will be alike.

What should my child bring to camp each day?

All campers should bring a backpack to camp each day which should include a water bottle and nut-free lunch. Each day campers will enjoy playing on the roof deck, which includes water tables and light sprinkler play. Please send them with a bathing suit or change of clothes, towel and sunscreen. If your child uses an aqua accessory for sprinklers or storage case for their equipment, please send that in with them.